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Yin Zhuo: Japan’s Defense White Paper Clearly Expresses that China Is Japan’s Top Opponent

On August 5, the Japanese government approved its Defense White Paper (2014 edition). Chinese military expert Yin Zhuo, major general and director of the Navy Expert Committee on Information Technology, stated that Japan’s Defense White Paper clearly communicated to the outside world that China is Japan’s number one competitor and top opponent. If future wars explode, China will be Japan’s main combat objective. 

Yin Zhuo stated that [in the white paper] Japan openly fabricated facts. It did so for two main reasons: 
The first was to cooperate with the U.S.’s strategy of returning to the Asia-Pacific. Yin Zhuo said that the United States is now trying to contain China utilizing the safety issues in China’s surrounding regions. This is an important goal of the U.S.’s rebalancing strategy in returning to the Asia-Pacific. Japan, as a U.S. ally, is bound to cooperate vigorously with U.S. policy. Meanwhile, with China’s rapid economic development, China’s national defense has advanced as well. This has also made Japan feel threatened. 
The second is that Japan is carrying out a media warfare campaign against China. Yin Zhuo further pointed out that, by doing so, Japan is preparing for its attempt to become a political power and a permanent member of the Security Council. At the same time, it is also creating the publicity for next year’s election campaign to be a non-permanent member of the Security Council. Yin Zhuo said that on any multilateral occasion, including at the United Nations, Japan has spared no effort to attack China. Japan is attempting to bring the Sino-Japanese dispute to the entire world. Abe obviously showed this intent when he was visiting Latin America and Africa. 

Source: People’s Daily, August 6, 2014