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Xinhua News Agency Signs Cooperation Agreement with a Spanish Think Tank

On August 7, Xinhua News Agency and the Observatory of Chinese politics (OPCh), an affiliate of the Spanish think tank the Galician Institute of Analysis and International Documentation (IGADI), signed a friendship and cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, "the two parties will cooperate in publishing analyses of China’s political and economic policy and social hot issues that concern foreign readers, offer in-depth interpretations, and thus enable the world to improve its understanding of China." Wang Chaowen, the European chief of Xinhua and Julio Rios, the Director of OPCh, signed the cooperation agreement. The Chinese Ambassador to Spain Zhu Bangzao attended the ceremony. "The Chinese policy observation center" and its website were established in 2000, for the purpose of studying and analyzing the Chinese legal system, political trends, national defense, ethnic minorities, human rights, and foreign policy.
Source: Xinhua, August 8, 2014