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Huanqiu: War and Sanctions Would Only Exacerbate the Crisis in Ukraine

WANG Haiyun, Vice President of the China Research Association of the History of Sino-Russian Relations, wrote an article commenting on the current Ukraine crisis. Huanqiu (Global Times) published the article and it was reposted on the Xinhua website. Wang stated that Russia will not bow to the pressure from the West and that the U.S. is the barrier that keeps China from offering help to resolve the crisis. 

Wang said, “[To resolve the crisis] by means of war is a great temptation for the Ukrainian government, especially when it is a matter of national territorial integrity. Asking Poroshenko to give up [fighting] is really difficult. The Ukrainian government must understand that trying to solve the problem in the Eastern region by war is hopeless. … The United States is the dominant force in launching and supporting the war. … As long as the United States and NATO do not send troops directly, Ukraine does not have a chance to win the war. The U.S. and Russia are fighting a war with proxies. The most unfortunate [casualty] is the Ukraine. If the war continues, Ukraine will be a ‘stateless nation.’ Several times, Putin has proposed unconditional truce talks. European powers also want to make the negotiations happen as soon as possible. It is indeed time for Ukraine to make the major decision independently as to whether to have war or peace.” 
Wang continued, “Sanctions cannot solve the Ukrainian crisis either. To use sanctions to pressure Russia into making concessions in disgrace on issues related to national core interests can only be wishful thinking. The U.S.-led Western powers repeatedly bring up the weapon of sanctions to a number of small countries, but when did anyone surrender because of sanctions?” 

Wang suggested that “The United Nations, the OSCE and other international mechanisms should act now. China should also make a gesture as a ‘responsible power,’ conduct active diplomacy, and be sure to encourage the parties to sit down as soon as possible to carry out an equal dialogue. Currently, the biggest obstacle may be the United States. The United States must recognize that, if such fighting and sanctions continue, it will ultimately undermine its own strategic interests. To achieve both containing Russia and holding Europe under control is unrealistic. European powers should jump off as soon as possible from America’s ‘chariot,’ not continue to be kidnapped by the Americans, and not do the kinds of stupid things that will result in the self-destruction of their own home.” 

Source: huanqiu, September 2, 2014