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Overseas Study Tours for Preschoolers

In order to prepare for the tough competition in the future, Chinese families continue to invest in their children’s education. Online travel agency Ctrip recently released the “2018 Summer Study Camp Report,” pointing out that more and more Chinese families prefer that their children go abroad for study and camp tourism. In 2018, the scale is expected to reach 1 million people, with expenditures of more than 30 billion yuan (US$4.4 billion).

The report sampled families with children between the ages of 8 and 12 and found that the proportion of families who are willing to participate in study tourism this summer is as high as 80 percent. The per capita expenditure for an overseas trip is more than 23,000 yuan (US$3,400). The average expense of a trip to the United Kingdom, the United States, or Australia is between 32,000 yuan (US$4,700) and 38,000 yuan (US$5,600); the shorter trips to Asian countries cost between 8,000 yuan (US$1,200) and 15,000 yuan (US$2,200). The most popular destinations for overseas study tours are the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand.

The age of those going on overseas study tours is concentrated between 10 and 15 years old, accounting for 66 percent of the total. However, children under 6 years old also account for 5 percent.

The demand for quality in the study tours has gradually increased. Compared with the previous trips which were usually to open the eyes of the children, in recent years, parents have been giving thought to more professional considerations. Their inquiries include the information on the target school, the quality of teachers, the proportion of international students, the teaching philosophy of the school, and even the teaching materials.

Source: The Paper, August 3, 2018