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RFA: Guangdong Lawyer Association Issued New Code of Conduct to Limit Lawyers’ Internet Activity

RFA reported that the Guangdong Lawyer’s Association issued an “Internet Code of Conduct for Lawyers in Guangdong Province.” The regulation specifies that the lawyers should “abide by the Constitution, must not deny China’s fundamental political system and basic principles, and must not endanger national security. The specific contents include the following things that lawyers can’t do: publish anything on the Internet that denies the leadership of the Communist Party of China; incite dissatisfaction with or opposition to the Chinese Communist Party and the government; initiate, support, or mobilize participation in organizations that endanger national security; publish political statements or articles that are unconstitutional; use the Internet to influence administrative, supervisory, judicial, and procuratorial organs on certain legal cases; disclose state secrets, trade secrets, and information pertaining to non-public trials; and they cannot use the Internet to publish false or distorted facts that will create social conflicts and affect social stability. The RFA article quoted comments that several dissidents living in China made. They stated that the Lawyer’s Association only serves the interests of the government and has been suppressing the freedom of the lawyers for a long time.

Source: Radio Free Asia, August 3, 2018