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BBC Chinese: Survey Showed 93 Percent of Japanese Have Negative Views of China

BBC Chinese recently reported that Genron NPO, a well-known Japanese non-profit think tank, just released the results of its public opinion poll on the Japan-China relationship. The organization started this annual poll in 2005. The current survey was done jointly with China Daily, a Chinese state-owned newspaper published mainly in foreign languages. Among the Japanese surveyed, 93 percent had negative views of China. Among the Chinese people surveyed, 86.8 percent had negative views about Japan. The Japanese negative views were based primarily on China’s violation of international rules, its selfishness in sharing natural resources, its territorial disputes, and on China’s constant criticism of Japan’s war history. After the number one threat, North Korea, 64 percent of the Japanese thought of China as a military threat. For the Chinese in the survey sample, 55 percent expressed the belief that Japan is a military threat, the number one threat being the United States.
Source: BBC Chinese, September 9, 2014