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BBC Chinese: HK Poll Showed Half of the People Do not Support Political Reform Proposal

BBC Chinese recently reported that the South China Morning Post conducted a scientific poll on the recent government-proposed reform of the political system that determines how the Chief Executive of Hong Kong will be elected. The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress approved the proposed reform. However the Hong Kong Legislative Council has to pass the proposal before it can become law. According to the results of the poll, 48 percent of the sample thought that the Legislative Council should veto the proposal. Thirty-nine percent said it should pass. Thirteen percent of the people surveyed were unsure. Among all of the people who responded to the poll, 70 percent of those between 18 and 29 years old favored a veto; 50 percent of those between 30 and 49 years old supported a veto; 37 percent of those who are 50 or older supported a veto. The proposed reform includes a “filtering mechanism” to limit the candidacy.

[Editor’s note: Beijing has rejected open nominations in favor of having a nominating committee select who can run.]

Source: BBC Chinese, September 15, 2014