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Russia Praised China for Continuing to Import Iranian Oil

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that China refused to follow the U.S. sanction plan on Iran. Iran is China’s largest oil supplier. To stop importing oil from Iran would have a major impact on China’s economic growth. Russian media have been widely reporting China’s position against the U.S. sanctions and have praised China for setting a good example globally. In the meantime, China sent its 30th navel escort fleet to the Middle East, once again demonstrating its conduct as a world leader. The United States had sent its fleet towards the Hormuz Strait, where Iran conducted live ammunition military exercises. The Chinese fleet has three warships that belong to the North Sea Fleet. Russian experts have expressed the belief that China’s recent naval move did provide with Iran tangible support, that the Chinese military presence may ease the tension in the Middle East region, and that it could actually prevent a new round of conflict.

Source: Sina, August 9, 2018