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Wang Yang: China and Japan Should Resume the Economic Dialogue

The South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong based century-old newspaper, recently reported that Chinese Deputy Premier Wang Yang met with the Japan-China Economic Association Delegation on September 24. At the meeting, Wang suggested that the two countries should resume the Senior Officials Economic Dialogue that they suspended four years ago. This comment was made in response to the Japanese Delegation’s emphasis on the importance of improving the two nations’ relationship. The Japanese Delegation also called for a meeting between Prime Minister Abe and the Chinese President Xi Jinping at the upcoming APEC Leadership Summit. However Wang kept quiet on this matter. The Japan-China Economic Association has high ranking managers from large Japanese companies as members. Since 1975, it has sent 39 delegations to China. The current delegation, which is the largest ever, hoped to meet with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. However, that did not become a reality.
Source: South China Morning Post, September 25, 2014