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Epoch Times: Chinese Internet Users Criticize Online Question recently posted a video program under its military segment titled, “If a war were to start, how much of your savings would you be willing to donate to the motherland?” In the video it stated that every time after a war was over, the U.S. economy didn’t collapse but became stronger because the American people actively donated money and supplies during the war and their sons and daughters actively joined the military. The video then posed the following question: “Even though China was able to build an aircraft carrier . . . the problem is that China has a large population. Will that be a driving force or a source of pressure for our national policy? If at that time there was shortage of national financing during a war, would you be willing to donate money and supplies like the Americans have done?” This video has currently been taken down and the responses that were posted were deleted. Epoch Times published a list of screen shots of the responses and below is the translation of some of the responses:
1. Our motherland is so wealthy. Why do you still need me to donate? The corrupt officials are involved in hundreds of millions of funds from corruption and I couldn’t even come up with the down payment for a house.
2. Who would we have the war against and why? Is it for high housing prices, medical expenses, education or a different retirement system?
3. For sure I will donate US$10,000 to the U.S. As for other people, let those people who are among the elite or the special power class or the second generation of the rich and powerful people take care of it. We, the bottom class, have no idea.
4. If we won the war, housing prices would double, earning would be cut in half; if we lost the war, housing prices would be reduced by 80 percent and salaries would double. You decide whether to donate or not to donate.
5. I can’t even afford a loan for housing. Where would I get the money for a donation?
6. I am not qualified to enjoy any benefits. I would be even less qualified if I were to donate. Don’t count on me.
7. What donation? I wish that day would have arrived sooner.
6. Agree! I am willing to be an informant for the U.S. military.
7. I would donate US$1,000 to the U.S. even if I had to sell what I have.
8. Everyone is responsible for the fate of the nation. If the nation is prosperous, you claim the ownership; if the nation is dying, we, the little people, should take the responsibility?
9. We are not the umbrella. When it rains, you bring us out. When it is sunny, you leave us in the corner. If there was a war, those who receive special treatment should be in the front and the public servants should pick up the cost.
10. Looks like everyone gets the point now. I feel relieved.

Source: Epoch Times, August 13, 2018