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College Professor Dismissed for Making “False Political Statements”

RFA reported that on August 16, Guizhou University dismissed a college professor from its School of Economics claiming that the professor has been “making false political statements” for a period of time. On the termination statement, the university asserted that the professor often told the class about content that was not related to the course, published sensitive comments on the Internet, and had a bad influence on the school and society. The Professor told RFA that all he had been saying during his lectures was the truth and that should not have a negative impact on society. He thought the University was not happy with him because he criticized the government, but he will appeal his case. According to RFA, this professor published an article criticizing the government for paying 20 million yuan (US$2.92 million) a year to support party officials. The burden of the cost to society of paying these officials could be as much as 20 trillion yuan (US$2.92 trillion) a year. He also reported that the school leaders were suspected of plagiarism.

Source: Radio Free Asia, August 17, 2018