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People’s Daily Accuses Britain of Having a “Colonialist Mentality”

China recently blocked a group of British MP’s from traveling to Hong Kong. While British Prime Minister David Cameron views China’s decision to block the politicians as “a mistaken one,” the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece People’s Daily hurled back criticism, accusing the U.K. of having a "colonialist mentality."
"Whether it is a democracy or not is not for the British to say. The British are interfering with the Hong Kong issue using the excuse of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom.’ When answering questions in parliament, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the Sino-British Joint Declaration provides the Hong Kong people with freedom of speech and  publication, the freedoms of assembly, association, travel, and strikes, while claiming that Britain should support the rights of Hong Kong people. … The problem is that no one can use the excuse of democracy and freedom to break the law. ‘Occupying Central’ disturbs the social order and impairs the overall interests of Hong Kong, but Britain turns a blind eye to it. The British government is more concerned about its own interests, rather than the true interests of the Hong Kong people."
"Frequently interfering with the internal affairs of other countries, forcing the Western values and ideology upon others, and behaving irresponsibly in bilateral relations are all practices that reflect the legacy of a ‘colonialist mentality.’"
Source: People’s Daily, December 4, 2014