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BBC Chinese: Kenyan Authorities Arrested 77 Chinese Suspects

BBC Chinese recently reported from Nairobi, Kenya that the police arrested 77 Chinese citizens for online criminal activities. The police expressed the belief that this criminal group hacked into bank accounts, mobile banking networks, and ATM equipment and networks. They also accused the group of attempting to break into Kenya’s national communications system. The suspects have admitted wrongdoing and turned in the plan they had to attack the national communications system. The prosecutors have sued the members of the group for illegal residence and illegal use of radio equipment without a permit. The Kenyan government contacted the Chinese Embassy to see if the Ambassador was aware of the group’s activities or not. The Chinese government promised to send investigators to assist in the Kenyan investigation. The Chinese Embassy in Kenya proposed that the Chinese government help find out the identities of these suspects. Based on the local reports, the criminal group was producing bank card chips and ran a “command center.”
Source: BBC Chinese, December 4, 2014