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BBC Chinese: Nicaraguans Protest China Funded Canal Construction Plan

BBC Chinese recently reported that the 16th protest against the Canal Construction Plan based on funds from China took place on December 10, which was International Human Rights Day. Thousands of Nicaraguans representing environmentalists, human rights protectors, women’s rights defenders, and other NGOs walked in the streets for a distance of 3 kilometers. The Canal is set to start construction on December 22. In 2013, the Nicaraguan Congress granted a China-owned company a contract to build and operate the Canal for 100 years. That decision triggered the numerous protests that have occurred since then. The protesters have called Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega Saavedra a traitor. The primary issues of the Canal construction are the lack of an Environmental and Ecological Assessment Report for the nearby lakes as well as the compensation price for land expropriation. The anti-China atmosphere has continued to spread.
Source:  BBC Chinese, December 11, 2014