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Deutsche Welle: The Number of Death Penalty Executions in the World Is Decreasing. China Still Tops the List.

Deutsche Welle reported that, according to Amnesty International’s 2017 annual report on the death penalty around the world, over two-thirds of the countries, or 142 countries, have abolished the death penalty or stopped the practice. Guinea and Mongolia are the latest two countries that have abandoned the death penalty. However there are 23 countries that still carry out the death sentence. China is the country that has the highest rate of death executions in the world. In 2017, 23 countries carried out 993 death sentences, down four percent from 2016 and down 39 percent from 2015. This number does not include China. Amnesty International believes that the death sentence in China was in the thousands but the real number remains a “state secret.”

Source: Deutsche Welle, September 7, 2018