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Huanqiu: As Everyone Knows, China Does Not Want Russia to Fall”

On December 17, 2014, Huanqiu (the Chinese edition of Global Times) published an editorial titled, “As Everyone Knows, China Does Not Want Russia to Fall.” After an analysis of Russia’s situation and economic difficulties, the article said that Russia is still far away from any real danger of collapse. However, what Russia has to deal with is not a short-lived super storm either. “Sino-Russian relations are generally regarded as one of the key conditions for protecting Russia against strategic risks.” “China does not want Russia to fall; the whole world is clear about (China’s) stand.” According to the Huanqiu editorial, China must be clear about several points when dealing with Russia.

First, the China-Russia strategic partnership is no longer built on ideology but on the national interests of both countries. A Russia that does not show its weakness to the U.S. and the West is important to China in terms of China’s national interests. China and Russia mutually need each other with a back to back strategic relationship.

Second, although China has the ability to provide assistance to Russia in key areas at critical times, China may only do so upon Moscow’s request so as to avoid Russia’s misunderstanding of China’s intentions. China needs to have a high respect for Russia and to maintain Putin’s reputation in Russia. Third, it is only a hypothesis that Russia will be continuously getting closer to China because of its crisis. Many uncertainties exist.

Source: Huanqiu, December 17, 2014