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China Youth Daily: The United States Does Not Want to See a Close Inter-Korean Relationship

On January 7, 2015 China Youth Daily published an article criticizing the United States for imposing additional sanctions against North Korea (DPRK) following North Korea’s cyber-attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.  According to the article, the relationship between North Korea and South Korean is getting closer thanks to Kim Jong-un’s warm New Year’s TV messages from the DPRK for two consecutive years. However, the US decision to impose unilateral sanctions against North Korea has “poured cold water” over the inter-Korean reconciliation atmosphere.

The article concluded that, from its strategic point of view, the United States does not want to see a close inter-Korean relationship. If the tension in Northeast Asia eases up, the United States will not have an excuse to ask South Korea to pay more military costs for US troops to reside there; the US will, in particular, lose its rationale for containing China. Through maintaining the tension on the Korean peninsula, the United States is able to maintain its influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Source: China Youth Daily, January 7, 2015