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Outbreak of Foot-and-mouth Disease in Cattle in China

Since August, a total of 7 provinces in China discovered that they had pigs suffering from African Swine Flu, which continues to spread across the country. According to a September 14 report from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the O-type foot-and-mouth disease epidemic occurred in a herd of cattle that was transferred from Gansu Province to Xinjiang.

The official website acknowledged that on September 6, an inspection station in Xinjiang found that a total of eight cattle were suspected of having symptoms of foot-and-mouth disease when they were moved there from Gaotai county of Gansu Province.

On September 7, Xinjiang’s Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center gave a diagnosis of positive for the foot-and-mouth disease virus nucleic acid. The Chinese National Foot-and-Mouth Disease Laboratory confirmed on the 14th that the epidemic was an O-type foot-and-mouth disease epidemic.

The announcement said that, after the outbreak, 47 cattle that exhibited symptoms and others in the same herd were culled and treated. Gansu province has initiated a comprehensive investigation and emergency monitoring.

Source: Central News Agency, September 15, 2018