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China’s Capital Outflow Exceeds Inflow for the First Time

According to the latest statistics from the Commerce Ministry, in 2014, China’s total outbound foreign direct investment amounted to US$116 billion, an increase of 15.5 percent over the figure for 2013. If reinvestment after financing in the local foreign countries were included, the total scale of China’s outbound investment would be US$140 billion, exceeding the total inbound foreign investment by US$20 billion. 2014 marked the very first year that China became a country of net capital exports. As of 2014, China’s outbound foreign investments had increased by almost 40 times in the past 12 years, with its annual outbound investment ranking third place in the world for two consecutive years.
In 2013, China’s outbound investments spanned 6128 overseas enterprises in 156 countries and regions, covering transportation, storage, and postal services. In addition to traditional natural resources and energy projects, Chinese investments in manufacturing and agriculture are increasingly active.
Source: People’s Daily, January 26, 2015