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BBC Chinese: China-Supplied Fighter Jets May Be a Threat to the Falkland Islands

BBC Chinese recently reported that, not long ago, China signed an agreement with Argentine President Cristina [Fernandez de Kirchner] to supply her nation with fighter jets that are considered capable of attacking the Falkland Islands (also known as the Malvinas Islands). According to the British Ministry of Defense, the China-made FC-1 fighters are a concern. The British army is planning to enhance the radar system deployed at the Falkland Islands. The islands are currently under British control, but Argentina also claims sovereignty. British analysts pointed out that Argentina has been suffering a major economic downturn and President Cristina has been trying to distract domestic public opinion by introducing new conflicts with Great Britain. China sold Argentina a frigate last year and promised to invest 162 billion pounds in Argentina over the next five years. 
Source: BBC Chinese, February 15, 2015