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College Student Expelled from School for “Not Loving My Country”

A freshman college student recently posted on the Internet that, “I can’t love my country in my lifetime,” and asked, “Who the f**k loves his country after attending college?” After netizens reported his words to the authorities, the Hunan City University, where the student attended, subsequently expelled him from school.

On September 22, Hunan City University issued a “Notice on Cancellation of the Admission of Freshman Wang Dong from the School of Civil Engineering,” saying that netizens reported the student for spreading comments “insulting the country.”

The Notice stated that the student posted on his Weibo account, a twitter like Chinese microblogging service, that “Patriotism is impossible. I can’t love my country in my lifetime. Who the f**k loves his country after attending college? I think you are an idiot.”

The Notice also said that in view of Wang Dong’s dissemination of “extremely wrong speeches such as insulting the country, the impact is extremely bad.” The university’s office of the president decided to cancel Wang’s qualification for admission.

In the end, the Notice declared that the university will thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, resolutely oppose the words and deeds of “damaging the reputation of the party and the country,” fully implement the party’s education policy, earnestly strengthen ideological and political work, and adhere to the principle of cultivating people’s moral standards. Faculty members and students should deepen the education of socialist core values, “guide the faculty members and students to . . . love the party, love the country, and love the people, and work hard to foster the new generation that will shoulder the mission of national rejuvenation.”

Source: Central News Agency, September 23, 2018