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Global Times: Three “Unexpected Facts” on Each Side of the Trade War

Global Times published a commentary on the day the United States increased the tariff on US$200 billion of Chinese products. The commentary summarized the situation of the trade war thus far, explaining three “unexpected facts” on each side. From the U.S. angle, according to the commentator, the U.S. government did not expect China to be so determined in resisting, did not expect the Chinese economy to be so strong and tough, and did not expect China to be so calm when fighting back. On the Chinese side, the government did not expect the U.S. to destroy its credibility at such a level, did not expect the U.S. to be so unreasonable, and did not expect that the government of a country as large and powerful as the U.S. could put on such a circus. However, China is taking this as a strategic opportunity to move even closer to the center of the world stage. It is not unexpected that there will be challenges and there will be hurdles for China, with strong courage, to overcome, .

Source: Global Times, September 24, 2018