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Qiushi: The U.S. Is Using Ukraine as a Pawn against Russia

Qiushi reported that Ukraine is nothing but a pawn in the chess game the U.S. is playing against Russia. Recently both the United States and Britain announced plans to send troops to train the Ukraine military. 

“In the Ukraine crisis, it is deceitful for the United States to act as a ‘messenger of justice.’ The truth is that it wants to weaken its target, which is Russia.”
“Although it appears that the United States is increasing its aid to Ukraine, at the critical moment, out of national interest and other factors, the United States will ‘abandon’ its pawn to protect ‘its king.’”
“Thus, even with the ’direct intervention,’ of the U.S., the Ukrainian crisis will not be alleviated or resolved quickly. On the contrary, the so-called Western ‘aid’ will more likely change the crisis into the continuous process of a vicious circle. Ukraine will not escape its destiny which is to be a pawn that the United States uses against Russia.” 
Source: Qiushi, March 24, 2015