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CCTV: China Worked with a Yemen Governor on Its Evacuation Operation

After China’s Linyi Warship evacuated 225 peoples from the Aden port in Yemen on April 2, 2015, CCTV did an interview with Jiang Guoping, the commander of the operation.

All the people who were rescued were foreigners. They were from 10 different countries, including Germany, Pakistan, and Singapore. In his interview, Jiang mentioned how they obtained local support, “To make this operation work, China’s Consul General in Aden City used his personal connections to get to the Governor of the Aden Governorate. That governor asked a favor of him, namely, that the Linyi ship take one of his relatives out. Thus, [China’s Consul General] did a favor for that governor and the governor did a favor for him. Then they gathered all of the people [to take out].” Jiang didn’t mention how those people were selected.

Source: People’s Daily Online, April 6, 2015