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China News: China’s Response to India’s UN Plan

China News recently reported that Hong Lei, the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commented at a press conference that China supports the reform of the UN Security Council and the idea of an ncreased representation of developing countries. Not long ago, Indian Prime Minister Modi stated that India has the right to be a Security Council permanent member due to the significant contributions India has made to the UN’s world peace mission. He mentioned that China did not demonstrate its support for this claim. Hong commented that China recognizes India’s importance and understands India’s willingness to make more contributions; however, the UN Security Council reform must consider many factors. These may touch on the key interests of a large number of member countries. China called for a wide and democratic discussion to seek global agreements. Hong also expressed the belief that the UN has many other reforms on its agenda, in addition to the reform of the Security Council.
Source: China News, April 13, 2015