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People’s Daily: Where is This Three-way Relationship Going?

People’s Daily issued a special editorial about Abe’s trip to the United States. According to the editorial, in international affairs, the Sino-US relationship carries more weight than the US-Japan relationship. The Sino-US relationship goes beyond a bilateral relationship and has a global impact, while the Sino-Japan relationship has a regional impact. 

“In the foreseeable future, Sino-US competition and cooperation will coexist. Strategic competition will not suffocate pragmatic cooperation. Japan does not have much room between itself and China in which to further its own gain. The extent to which the United States has strategic restraint over Japan remains largely dependent on the development of the Sino-US relationship. China cannot make the United States ignore its alliance with Japan and take sides with China. In the competition of comprehensive national strength between China and Japan, the United States uses Japan as a ‘pawn’ in its China strategy but it cannot change the trend and path of China’s rise.” 
Source: People’s Daily (overseas edition) reprinted by Qiushi, April 28, 2014.