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Guangming Daily: China be on Guard against Japanese Politicians Making Inciting Statements

Guangming Daily carried a commentary on the relationship between China and Japan. The article stated that 2.41 million Chinese tourists visited Japan in 2014, which was up 84 percent from 2013. However, in 2014, China Daily and the Japanese non-profit think tank Genron NPO, conducted a survey about China and Japan’s relationship. The survey indicated that 93 percent of the Japanese people do not like Chinese people and most of them will refuse to visit China in the next two years. The commentary claimed that the imbalance was due to two factors. First, certain Chinese “Tuhao” or nouveau riche tend to show off their wealth in Japan and, second, Japanese Prime Minister Abe has anti-Chinese sentiment. The commentary concluded that anti-China propaganda influences the Japanese public. Therefore China should be on guard against the inciting statements that Japanese politicians make.

Source: Guangming Daily, May 11, 2015