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BBC Chinese: Indian Media Criticized China’s Incorrect Map of India

BBC Chinese recently reported that key Indian media companies such as New Delhi TV, Hindustan, and India Today all criticized the Map of India that the Chinese Central Television (CCTV) used when reporting Indian Prime Minister’s visit to China. The CCTV map showed what Indians considered Arunachal Pradesh as “Southern Tibet.” In addition, the map did not include the Kashmir region as part of India. Indian media immediately pointed out that the map was “wrong” and that China’s demand for Indian land has never changed. They also pointed out that China’s ultimate goals in the region remain the same and Pakistan is still being used as a Chinese agent in battles against India. Reports also mentioned that Indian Prime Minister Modi expressed his concern to Chinese President Xi Jinping about China’s US$46 billion investment in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir to establish an economic development corridor.
Source: BBC Chinese, May 15, 2015