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Public Appearance of Former Top CCP Leaders

A few retired former Chinese Communist Party {CCP} Standing Committee members have made public appearances recently in a number of different ways. Their unusual “public appearances” aroused some curiosity.

Wu Guanzheng, the former CCP Standing Committee member and Discipline Committee Secretary said, in a public article at the end of September, that he “was happy” after retiring and also mentioned {the need} to create more conditions for new talent to come into {leadership} positions.

On October 7, Wu Bangguo, the former CCP Standing Committee member, visited Feidong City in Anhui Province; according the local media there, the crowd “welcomed” him.

On October 11, Zhu Rongji, the former CCP premier, appeared at the advisory board meeting of the Qinghua University Management School. According to some media reports, the 90-year old Zhu appeared with a smile and looked like he was in good spirits.

On October 15, Li Ruihuan, another former CCP Standing Committee member, published an article online talking about his view of “the {correct} way to be a CCP official” and that “those who made {usually anonymous and often groundless or slanderous} complaints should not get into leadership positions.”

Source: Central News Agency, October 16, 2018