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Beijing to Step up Control over Foreign NGOs in China

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on Jun 2 that the “PRC’s Foreign NGO Administration Law (Second Draft)” public comment session will end on Jun 4. The most controversial part is that the PRC Ministry of Public Security will monitor the activities of foreign NGOs in China, whereas they used to work most closely with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The draft says that foreign NGOs need to have a Chinese government entity as their “administrative authority.” The foreign NGOs will need to submit an activity list for the next year’s operations before Nov 30 of each year and their operation plans will need to be approved; those who do not comply with this requirement will be subject to criminal punishment, which will apply to the foreign NGOs as well as to their cooperating Chinese counterparts. The EU representative in Beijing as well as the European Chamber of Commerce in China both expressed “concern” over this draft law. RFA quotes Liu Qing, a Chinese human right activist based in the U.S. who said, “There will be almost no real (Chinese) NGO in China as these organizations need to have a government entity to ‘manage’ them. Usually there are two functions for an NGO – the first is to provide aid and help to people; the second is to monitor the government; the Chinese Communist Party won’t allow either one.”
Source: Radio Free Asia, June 2, 2015