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Xinhua: Insulting China with Devil’s Curse; How Does Aquino Become So Brazen

Xinhua published a group of articles in its web magazine, International Sphere (Volume 548) striking back at Philippine President Aquino’s remarks during his visit to Japan in which he compared China to Nazi Germany. In the introduction, the editor wrote, “During his visit to Japan, Philippine President Aquino III made irresponsible remarks regarding the South China Sea issue. This was expected. What was surprising was that, as a head of state, Aquino totally disregarded the bottom line in diplomatic relations, openly talking nonsense, and comparing China’s reasonable and lawful activities in the South China Sea with Nazi Germany. In openly insulting a big country that has normal diplomatic relations with the Philippines, it is losing the national dignity of the entire Philippines. If a head of state makes such a downcast speech, how can the nation be noble and the people have pride!” 

Similar language was used in the collection of articles. For example, “If the Chinese did not have such good-natured composure, the Philippines might have come to know how many big slaps on the mouth they have suffered.” “Why does the Philippines dare to be so rampant, continuously fan the flames, and maliciously provoke? An important reason is that there are external forces in back of them to support them.” 

Source: Xinhua, June 5, 2015