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Xinhua: How Can the Half Torn G7 Intervene in the South China Sea Issue?

Xinhua’s web magazine, International Sphere (Volume 551) published a group of articles commenting on the G7 summit’s joint statement about China’s actions in South China Sea. The editor added the following comment in the introduction, “Because of [Japanese Prime Minister] Abe’s plot behind the scenes, the just-concluded summit of the G7 issued a joint statement, irresponsibly commenting on the South China Sea issue. Japan coerced the G7 summit into placing the South China Sea issue on its agenda. Its attempt to instigate the Western countries to choose sides is all too clear. In the end, though, the statement did not name China, indicating that the European G7 countries are very clear that the remote South China Sea belongs to Asia and that the issue should be resolved among the related countries through consultation. What qualifications do outsiders have to criticize the involved country so recklessly? Meanwhile, the rich G7 countries’ club is no longer what it once was. It is in a semi-torn state on many issues. Even though the U.S. and Japan forcefully pushed the South China Sea issue, how will the European countries that are in a big mess and have a hard time taking care of themselves have the energy to interfere in the South China Sea, not to mention their becoming an enemy of China? This is by no means the best policy!” 

Source: Xinhua, June 11, 2015