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Guangzhou Metro Enabled Facial Recognition, Real-name Authentication, Upgraded Inspection of Carry-on Items, and Body Scanning

On October 26, China News reported that, starting on October 26, Guangzhou Metro has enabled facial recognition and real-name authentication, as well as upgrades in the security inspection of personal carry-on items and body scanners at multiple sites. It includes using Artificial Intelligence to identify dangerous goods, light wave security inspection channels, and facial recognition. Passengers need to download the official APP of the Guangzhou Metro in advance for real-name authentication and face collection, and enable the “Smart Security” function. The “face scanner” can be authenticated through the security check channel. The article claimed that, after the security check channel is activated, it can be implemented without the need for security personnel.

According to Radio Free Asia, the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security of China developed these facial recognition systems that pioneered in Guangzhou. They have been tested for many years. Two years ago, it was reported that “Facial Recognition Technology” has been used in anti-terrorism operations. This technology is a dynamic identification system that recognizes the identity of five people every second. The recognition speed is 200 milliseconds each time. The facial recognition system that the institute developed is called “Future-oriented.” It has high accuracy and builds functional identity management in the network world. An official said that, “facial recognition” technology is only needed when national security and public safety are involved, so it is expected that the “facial recognition system” will be used in the future in airports, subways, bus stations, and railway stations.

Last year, the Chinese authorities launched the “Skynet” monitoring system in urban regions and “Project Dazzling Snow” in rural areas. The tens of millions of monitoring probes cover almost all corners of China and are called “the most advanced monitoring system in the world.” The netizens teased that the official is treating the city like a prison. According to reports, the First Institute of the Ministry of Public Security of China was named the “national team for network security.” It conducted research on facial recognition testing technology as early as 2002. In the same year, it carried out regular evaluations of facial recognition products and created the application model for facial recognition in China.

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