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Xinhua: Japanese Media Are Turning Right

Xinhua published a commentary stating that, since the beginning of this century, Japanese media have been turning right, following the political right-wing development. They exaggerate the “China Threat” and advocate populism, thus providing excuses for Abe to amend the Constitution to allow military expansion. 

The commentary alleged that the Japanese media make misrepresentations when reporting on China related events. It cited the September 2010 incident in which a Chinese fishing boat collided with a Japan Coast Guard patrol boat near the Diaoyu Islands and also the news reporting on the South China Seas dispute. 
The commentary further alleged that, since 2013, books that criticize China and South Korea have been selling fast. It has become a fashion in the publishing business to publish such books. 
Lastly, the commentary stated that new online media have also been following suit and are increasingly vocal about their dislike of China. In particular, the online media dedicated to China news are keen on picking negative news about China to demonstrate “their superiority over China or their hatred of China.” These reports are often reproduced on Yahoo in Japan, further amplifying the adverse effect. 
Source: Xinhua, July 31, 2015