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A Sampling of How Xinhua’s International Sphere Reports World News

International Sphere, an online magazine under Xinhua, is dedicated to reporting on international topics under a major theme in each issue. It has published 615 issues so far. Below is list of the titles of the most recent issues: 

09/09/2015 [issue 615]: Can the U.K. and France’s Bombing of IS Solve the Refugee Crisis? [The Answer is no.] 

09/08/2015: “Opening the Door” for Refugees. Will Europe Be Able to Resolve the Crisis? 

09/07/2015: The Death of a Little [Boy] Refugee Raises Questions about U.S. Tyranny and Indifference 

09/06/2015: The World’s Praises: China’s Military Parade Is All for Peace 

09/03/2015: Behaving Willfully. What Is [Shinzo] Abe’s Administration Up to?  
09/02/2015: The European Refugee Crisis: The Struggle between Morals and Ability 

09/01/2015: A Million People Protesting. Is Abe Deaf? 
08/31/2015: What Is Japan Hiding behind the “Revival” of the Warships That Invaded China? 
08/28/2015: With the Backing of the U.S., the Philippines Can Act at Will? 

08/27/2015: What Is the Intention in Making Irresponsible Remarks about the China-Russia Military Exercises? 

Source: Xinhua, September 9, 2015