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The Philippines Is Concerned about China Made Voting Machines

The well-known new Chinese news site The Paper recently reported that the Philippine Election Committee announced that the voting machines to be used in the national election next May will be the ones made in Taiwan. The current voting machines were made in China. The Committee explained that the decision was based on the concern that the Chinese government may attempt to disrupt the coming election. The Election Committee Chairman, Christian Robert Lim, called China “the biggest threat” to the election, hence the switch in the supplier of voting machines. Lim claimed in a congressional hearing that intelligence revealed that “someone is planning to destroy the election.” Voting machines used to be manufactured in the City of Suzhou, China. The spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines called this whole thing, “groundless nonsense.” He promised that China will stick to its policy of not interfering with other countries’ internal affairs. 
Source: The Paper, September 17, 2015