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Communist Party Branch Invades Hong Kong Institutions of Higher Education

Apple Daily reported that an article circulating on the Internet commented that, in October, groups of Chinese judges who are studying for the master’s and a doctoral degree at the City University of Hong Kong not only set up a temporary party branch but also held a branch meeting. However, the official website of the China National Judges College, which first disclosed this significant information, was suspected of having deleted the posting after the incident caused a dispute. According to a number of Hong Kong media reports, the party branch office held a meeting on the afternoon of October 20. Thirty-nine party members and 11 non-party members participated in the meeting.

According to the CCP constitution, units with more than three Communist Party members must establish party branches. In recent years, the CCP has been advocating “setting up party branches while away from China.” Voice of America reported earlier that, on November 4, 2017, seven visiting scholars established a branch of the Communist Party of China at the University of California in Davis, but the organization was dissolved only two weeks later because it was in violation of U.S. law.

Source: Apple Daily, November 13, 2018