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RFI: Peking University Authority Strengthened Internal Control over Students

Radio France Internationale reported that, in response to the “Me Too” movement against sexual assault cases in Peking University and students’ support of the Shenzhen Jiashi workers who want to form a trade union, Peking University has recently taken a number of measures to strengthen control over opinions expressed on the university campus. A document written on the Peking University party committee letterhead was recently circulated on the Internet. It said that the university recently established the “Inspection Office” and the “Office of Internal Control Management.” The document was circulated to all departments, signed on September 13, and published on October 29. According to the notice, the “Inspection Office” was established under the University Discipline Inspection Committee and will be responsible for inspecting daily activities around the campus. According to Reuters, in response to students at Peking University supporting the labor rights protection movement, the school warned all students on Wednesday, November 14, not to support the recent labor rights activities, stressing that students who “challenge” the law will take full responsibility themselves. Meanwhile on its official bulletin-board site, Peking University authorities posted the following announcement which stated that, “The school believes that most students are sensible, but if people around you spread rumors or express reactionary emotions, whether they are your teachers, friends, or alumni, they must maintain a firm position.” Harassment cases against university students who showed their support for those who want to form a workers union have also been reported, but the security office of Peking University denied that the incidents involved the currently enrolled students.

Source: Radio Free Internationale, November 14, 2018