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2018 China-Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Media Forum

The 2018 China-Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Media Forum was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 19. The theme was “Deepening Media Cooperation and Supporting China – the LAC Community of a Shared Future.”

One of the topics of this forum was, “The role of the media in the pragmatic cooperation between China and Latin America.” Jose Juan Sanchez, president of Brazil’s CMA Group, said that the role of the media in bilateral cooperation is unparalleled. For a long time, the news in the Latin American region has basically come from Europe and the United States. This news is often filtered in advance, making it difficult for Latin American audiences to understand the truth of the events. “Now, the direct cooperation between the Chinese and Latin American media is getting closer and closer, and the people on both sides can get more and more first-hand information. This will undoubtedly contribute to the development of China-Latin America relations.”

Iary Gomez, general manager of the Costa Rican newspaper Diario Extra group, said that cooperation between China and Latin American media can promote cultural exchanges and enhance mutual understanding. The TV station under the Diario Extra group recently introduced two Chinese TV dramas. “They displayed Chinese culture, transformed people’s inherent perception of China, and achieved a big impact in Costa Rica.”

The China-Latin American and the Caribbean Countries Cooperation Plan (2015-2019) was formulated in January 2015. The plan mentioned that it supports the cooperation of the news media on both sides, encourages the exchange of resident reporters and joint interviews, and encourages the cooperation of influential online media from both sides in web portal development and new media capacity building.

Source: Xinhua, November 20, 2018