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RFA: Mainland Sets Up First Provincial Level Media in Hong Kong

Almost all of the major official media from the mainland have set up branch offices in Hong Kong. However it is unprecedented for a provincial level media from the mainland to set up a branch office in Hong Kong.

Radio Free Asia reported that, which the Publicity Department of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee manages, recently set up a branch in Hong Kong and is openly recruiting staff. Back in May of this year, the Fujian Media Centre placed a job posting in Hong Kong to fill 20 new positions for a media group. They included reporters, columnists, and program hosts. The new hires will be responsible for the release of official news information and for building a platform for exchanges between Fujian, Hong Kong, and Macao. RFA found out that the media group that is actually hiring is According to RFA, on its Hong Kong page,, most of the news sources are from pro-Beijing media and all of its special reports carry contents that exhibit party patriotism. A number of items of news coverage are about leaders of the Fujian Provincial Committee who came to Hong Kong to attend the “United Front” activities that the Hong Kong Fujian Association organized. The Hong Kong page claims that they are the only authorized media that the provincial government of Fujian has organized and that it is also the first provincial level media in Hong Kong.

According to, the website is part of Fujian Daily, an official media of the party in Fujian Province. It was registered in Hong Kong in April of this year under the name “Fujian Media Centre.” It has recently changed its name to “Southeast Media.” In October of this year, an official opening ceremony for Southeast Media was held at the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Source: Radio Free Asia, November 21, 2018