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Beijing News: Chinese Government Is Now the Biggest Owner of Apple iCloud in China

Beijing News recently reported that the Chinese cloud technology company Guizhou Cloud has completed a series of mergers and become Guizhou Cloud Big Data. In February, Apple officially handed its iCloud services to Guizhou Cloud and Guizhou Cloud is now fully serving all Chinese region Apple iCloud customers. This arrangement was to comply with Chinese data location laws and allowed Guizhou Cloud to have the master encryption key to decrypt all Chinese region traffic and data. The recent ownership changes made China’s Guizhou Province government the biggest stockholder (around 38.24 percent) of the newly formed company Guizhou Cloud Big Data. This is a “strategic move” of the Guizhou government’s big data industrial development plan. The Guizhou Communist Party appointed Kang Keyan as the Party Secretory of the Guizhou Cloud Big Data Group and, at the same time, nominated him as the chairman of the board of the Group. Kang is the former Deputy Director of the Guizhou Big Data Development Authority.

Source: Beijing News, November 16, 2018