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Bangladesh Cancelled the Deepwater Port Development Project with China

Xinhua recently reported that Bangladesh quietly cancelled the development project of the deepwater port Resona Diaz in Cox’s Bazar. China had been planning to do the project. However, as the relationship between Bangladesh and India has shown gradual improvement, India developed an interest in building Bangladesh’s newest deepwater port Yap Hong Kong. From India’s viewpoint, the Chinese plan for Resona Diaz was just another strategic step to constrain India. The official reason for the cancellation of the Resona Diaz project was lack of commercial feasibility. However, the Japanese-funded Motor Er Bali Port is only 25 miles away. It is obvious that Japan and India cast a shadow over the cancellation of the Chinese project. The Yap Hong Kong port is located at the southwest corner of Bangladesh, which is much closer to India. This development project involves a seven-year plan. In addition to Indian companies, the Bangladesh government also invited Chinese companies to join in the construction. 
Source: Xinhua, February 9, 2016