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Global Times: How to Deal with the North Korea Issue

"There have been many recent developments in the Korean Peninsula. North Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb and used a long distance missile to launch a satellite. The U.S. sent an aircraft carrier, B-52 bombers, a strategic nuclear submarine, and Special Forces to Japan and South Korea. The U.S. and South Korea also made substantial progress on planning the deployment of the THAAD missile defense system." A Global Times article commented on the North Korea situation.

The article argued that China must take action to prevent the threat of war there.

"First, [China] should mobilize the international community to convince the parties involved in the escalation to go back to the Six-Party Talks. [China] should let North Korea understand: North Korea will face a national disaster if a war starts and China will not sacrifice its own interests to save a regime that does not listen to its advice. [China] should let South Korea understand: There is no benefit to bringing in external forces to escalate the tension on Korean Peninsula and it is practically impossible to use military threats to have the South unite with the North. It is also hard to convince the U.S. and Japan. [China] should ask the ‘healthy voices’ in those two countries to convince their decision makers to move forward with dialog and then with a peace treaty."

"Second, [China] should work with Russia and other countries that are again creating tension in Northeast Asia to make sure that the U.N. Security Council will not authorize the use of force. There is no situation in which the U.N. should authorize any country to start a war in the peninsula."

"Third, [China] should prepare for a war. Even though there is a very low probably that a war will occur, [China] should be 100 percent prepared."

Source: Global Times Online, February 16, 2016