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Study Shows Overtime is Common in China

China’s National Business Daily reported that a study that the China Social Science Publishing House and the Inner Mongolia University issued on December 10 showed that it was quite common in 2017 for Chinese workers to work overtime (net working hours greater than 8 hours a day), with an overtime rate of 42.2 percent. Working overtime is particularly serious among low-income, low-education, and manufacturing workers. The overtime rate among manufacturing workers can be as high as 58.8 percent. The study was based on an analysis of the time utilization information from 12,471 households (30,591 household members) in 29 provinces in China, not including Xinjiang and Tibet.

According to the analysis of urban traffic data, Huawei topped Chinese companies with an average daily overtime of 3.96 hours per person.

Many Chinese are still working even though they are on vacation. The traveler bloggers website ( released The “Chinese White-collar Workers Travel Research Report 2017,” which showed that 88 percent of white-collar workers need to handle work even during travel. Ten percent of respondents said they would like to take a low-key vacation and never tell their colleagues. Forty-six percent of people would proceed cautiously, sharing the vacation information only with close colleagues.

Source: Central News Agency, December 11, 2018