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Qiao Liang on the North Korea Issue

Zijing Magazine recently interviewed People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Major General Qiao Liang, author of Unrestricted Warfare. Excerpts from the interview, in which Qiao expressed his views on the North Korea issue, follow:

Kim Jong-un wants a security guarantee. He conducted the nuclear bomb tests and the satellite launch with a long-range missile, for the purpose of continuing his regime. He wants the neighboring countries, especially those big countries to give his regime a security guarantee.

The U.S. does not really want to have a war with North Korea. It just wants to create tension in this area, which will then justify its involvement in this area. Therefore, the U.S. will not provide the security guarantee that Kim Jong-un seeks. If South Korea unites with the North, or North Korea becomes a peaceful neighbor, South Korea will see no need for the U.S. to station its army on South Korean territory and neither will Japan.

The U.S. is deploying the "THAAD" anti-missile defense system to create tension between South Korea and China. Its goal is to destroy the China-Republic of Korea Free Trade Agreement.

North Korea needs to change its attitude toward China. The relationship between China and North Korea is going south.  Qiao said, "China does not want to change North Korea, but North Korea must change its attitude toward China." "You can’t take my stuff and eat my stuff, yet keep creating trouble for me and making me unhappy. This is not acceptable."

Source: Zijing Online, February 28, 2016