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Huanqiu: Hong Kong Independence Backed by International Anti-China Forces and Financiers

The Chinese government’s mouthpiece Huanqiu issued a commentary which discussed the court trial of three leaders of the 2014 pro-democracy Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong: Joshua Wong, Alex Chow, and Nathan Law. The charges include inciting others to join an unlawful assembly and taking part in an unlawful assembly.
The commentary referred to the Occupy Central movement as a radical movement; it linked it to the clashes between the police and protesters earlier this year in the Mong Kok district. “The serious bloodshed in Mong Kok on Chinese New Year’s Day this year was the consequence of the ‘Occupy Central’ movement. The event escalated from demonstrations to riots that included brick throwing, arson, car burning, and even club fighting, deliberately endangering the personal safety of front line police officers.”
Huanqiu quoted a member of the Beijing based Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macao Studies, “Hong Kong is not America’s backyard; Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal affair; and the United States has absolutely no voice.” “If the U.S. attempts to intervene in Hong Kong affairs, there is a suspicion that it has contempt for the Hong Kong courts. The fact that these few defendants could actually get U.S. Congress involved shows that their relationship with the U.S. is not simple. Hong Kong should be wary of outside interference. Black financiers are fostering spokespersons by making investments behind the scenes.”
The comments about “U.S. interference” likely refer to an earlier statement issued by the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China, “CECC Chairs Troubled by Recent Developments in Hong Kong; Say Trial of Joshua Wong and Fellow Protesters Will be Important Bellwether.” The comment continued, "The ‘Hong Kong independence’ can be traced back to the international anti-China hostile forces. By means of education during the British Hong Kong, religion, and the poitical propaganda backed by the so-called core values of Western democracy, they are exerting a subtle influence with the minds of the younger generation."
Source: Huanqiu, March 1, 2016