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China News: National Bureau of Statistics Responded to Concerns about Economic Pressure

China News recently reported that, at a press conference that the State Council Information Office organized, Mao Shengyong, spokesperson for the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, commented on the status of the Chinese economy. The conference was to address widespread concerns about the fact that the Chinese economy is under high pressure because of a significant slowdown, especially when the just-released November macro economy numbers did not look encouraging. Mao explained that analysts should look at the Chinese economy in the context of the global economic background. Second, analysts should not look exclusively at November numbers only. Instead, an analysis should be done using a longer time-frame. Mao indicated that many countries as well as international trade are seeing weak growth, which triggered the Chinese slow-down. Some Chinese numbers do indicate pressure, but overall China’s economic health shows stability.

Source: China News, December 14, 2018