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People’s Daily: Japan’s New Radar in Yonaguni Poses a Threat to China

According to a report from U.S. Defense News, Japan is expanding its network to monitor the waters around the Diaoyu Islands. On March 28, it is expected to start using a new radar station on Yonaguni island.  

Military expert Yin Zhuo, in an interview with CCTV, said that Yonaguni island would then become Japan’s intelligence center in the East China Sea. Once this batch of equipment and radar is set up on the island, it will target Taiwan and the Diaoyu Islands. It will be able to provide information to the U.S. military stationed in Okinawa and to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Moreover, the scope of the radar surveillance will cover China’s southeast coast of Zhejiang, Fujianand Jiangsu. It will also be able to detect our aircraft and ships going in and coming out of the first island chain. The radar can be networked with the SDF radar to guide aircraft to the Diaoyu Islands to fight in wartime. It can also provide intelligence support for the U.S. intervention on the Taiwan Strait issue. As such, it would provide some kind of threat to our country. 
Yin Zhuo said that Japan’s strengthening of its defense of the southwestern islands is an important measure taken to implement the new security and defense law, which is favorable to Japan-U.S. joint operations. Once Japan strengthens its monitoring capabilities in the southwestern islands, then when confict arises in Diaoyu islands, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces will act alone even if the U.S. military does not participate. The three-stage operation against the Diaoyu Islands is what Japan planned a long time ago. It has formed a battle plan. 
Source: People’s Daily, March 22, 2016