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Korean Media: China Has Three More Ways to Retaliate against Canada

DW News reported that Yonhap News Agency, a Korean media, made a suggestion in an article that, in addition to the arrest of two Canadian citizens, China has three more ways to take revenge on Canada for its arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou.

China can hit Canada in the following three areas:

  • Real Estate: Despite the drop in Vancouver’s housing prices, some Chinese investors can choose to cancel or delay their plans to purchase Canadian properties.
  • Tourists: 680,000 Chinese visited Canada in 2017 and spent on average US $2,400 per person. If China restricts Chinese visitors from going to Canada, it will have some impact.
  • Trade: China is Canada’s second largest trade partner, after the U.S. There have been reports that the negotiation on the free trade treaty between China and Canada has been postponed.

Source: DW News, December 17, 2018