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Smart Uniforms and Technologies in Schools

The smart school uniform that Guizhou Guanyu Technology (贵州冠宇科技) developed was first launched in July 2017. According to its official website (, ten elementary and middle schools have been using the smart school uniforms from the company. The schools are located in Guizhou, Fujian, Guangxi, and other provinces in China.

According to a Chinese media report, when the smart school uniform is put on, the school’s large screen monitor will automatically identify the student, display the student’s avatar, and record the accurate time of entering and exiting the school. The parents and teachers receive detailed information about the student’s activities. As soon as the student leaves the school, there is a voice broadcast to identify the student.

The smart school uniform, in combination with human facial recognition and fingerprint recognition technologies, will automatically calculate and settle a student’s different expenditures at school. The parents will know every item of their child’s expenditures in school.

This product is said to integrate big data, digitization of the Internet of Things (IoT), satellite technology, such as RFID, NFC, Beidou (the Chinese counterpart of GPS system), GPS, RS, and clothing.

The smart school uniform also comes with an app. In the app, the teacher can approve the student’s leave request and upload school notices and the time-stamped video of the students entering and leaving the school. Parent teachers can receive such information through the mobile app. Teachers can use the app to hand out course materials through voice, text, and pictures. The chip-embedded school uniform, with facial and fingerprint recognition, has established a closed-loop AI environment for the school. The students’ every move is in the hands of teachers and parents.

Qinjia (钦家), a Shanghai based company, also developed a smart school uniform, with the main function of preventing children from getting lost or being trafficked. Another company Seeworld launched another school uniform, mainly used when a student encounters an accident. The student can tap a specific part of the uniform to send out an S.O.S. signal.

In December 2015, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission set up a “Beijing Elementary and Middle School Uniform R&D Center” at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. According to the official press release, the smart school uniforms will combine the motion sensor with the school uniform to track and analyze the student’s physical activity, analyze and compare the student’s physical functions and exercise volume, and ensure that the underage students receive proper physical exercises.

The People’s Daily also reported that a middle school in Hangzhou introduced an intelligent classroom behavior management system, which can monitor the students’ classroom behavior at a glance. The system can also analyze the students’ classroom behavior and the expressions during class and can also check attendance through facial recognition.

The smart school uniforms and similar technologies have received a lot of attention on cyberspace.

One netizen said, “Children have no human rights; they are just the possessions of their parents.”

Another put it this way, “A child is not a parent’s possession and the parents cannot completely control him. There is no longer any privacy.”

Source:, December 24, 2018